Bicycle Wheels

There are different bikes available in the market and these bikes have different types of wheels, even though some international bodies have tried to standardize the bike wheels it is still not possible as different bikes are designed by different companies and regulating what there model should look like is just not an easy task as someone could think.

wheel bicycle

The bicycle has two wheels the front wheel and the back wheel. Most bikes have spokes that attach the rim to the center rotating gear. The tire is fitted on the rim with air tube inside. The wheel is just but the heart of any bike. You cannot ride your bike without fitting it with a wheel. Wheels make work easier especially when riding as the rotation of the wheel is what propels the bike forward.

Bike Wheel Example

Take an example of a bike without a wheel it could not even move a distance and that’s just but little physics that you apply to understand this. The bike wheel should always be maintained. The maintenance of a bike’s wheel is not a big task. You have to make sure that the bike has:

  • Properly kept spokes – make sure that the spokes are in proper order to avoid occurrence of an accident.
  • Air filled tube for easier movement.
  • Make sure that bearings are oiled every time to minimize friction that mounts due to consecutive rotation.
  • Clean the wheels properly when washing your bike.

It is good to maintain your bike’s wheel as it gives an awesome look and feel. The bike wheel usually deflates when the bike is stored for long especially where you have not stored your bike on a garage bike rack.

The type of wheel fitted on your bike is dependent on the type of bike you are using. There are those bikes designed for racing which usually have thin wheels fitted on them. This is because these bikes are designed to be very fast especially during a race. There are those bikes which are designed for mountain riding activities. These bikes are usually fitted with thick wheels because in a mountain climbing activity there are many rocks. This bike wheel will be more stable in such places and hence that’s the reason it is most preferred.

The bike wheel comes with variety and the cost is dependent on the type of bike you are purchasing a bike wheel for. Check out the best bike wheel for your bike today.

Electric Bicycle Batteries

The electrical bicycle batteries are popularly fitted on e-bikes. The bikes are usually fitted with an electrical motor which makes it easy for bikes to propel faster that using the pedals. The battery is usually rechargeable and usually allows your bike to move at a speed of up to 45km/h. The electric bike batteries enable riders to minimize fatigue while riding their bike and also enables them travel from one place to another very fast.

Electric Bicycle Batteries

The most popular type of electric bikes integrated with the battery has pedals. The pedals are important when the bikes fuel gets finished when you are travelling. The pedals will help the rider ride his or her bike to the closest fuel refilling destination without getting tired pushing his bike as for the case of a motor bike. The electric bikes use the concept of motor bikes, but have more disparities starting from the speed to other sorts of disparities. I have discussed the differences between an electric bike powered by a battery and a motor bike below.

Differences between a motor bike and an electric bike powered by a battery

  • The motor bike is fast and can move even with a speed of more than 100 km/h while the electric bike can move at a speed of 45km/h
  • When your motor bike fuel dries up you must push your bike rack to the next fueling station but when your electric bikes fuel dries up you can cycle the bike using the pedals.

This is just an introduction of what an electric bike is. The main focus of the article is to discuss about the various types of batteries that can be installed in your bike, the capacity the batteries have and other factors to check when you are purchasing the type of battery to buy. Different batteries have different capabilities as you will observe. The reason why you are buying a bike battery for is what will determine the type of battery to purchase.

The battery usually requires proper maintenance. Taking care of your bike ensures that your battery maximize the lifetime of your battery. Many batteries are always warranted. This is not the reason to say that you will misuse your battery and desist from providing proper maintenance to your battery. With the warrant that can be either 1 or 2 years you can get a replacement of your battery in case it got spoilt in a way covered in the warrant policy.

The electric bike battery is not different from other types of batteries and will need to follow the maintenance procedure just like any other type of battery. Rechargeable batteries such as the Lithium Ion which is used in hybrid electric bikes should be charged fully first before using it. This is common in many types of batteries.

There are various types of bike batteries available on online shops. For example at ebay the 48V 18 AH Samsung Li-Ion Lithium Battery with an aluminum case goes for $ 490. This battery has a fixing plate which makes it easier to install it on your rear rack.

When you have installed your battery on the bike you will need to lock it up on the bike using a key. This is an important measure to protect your bike from being stolen or tampered with by anyone. The batteries with high cost are usually can be described to be more powerful. This can be proven false whatsoever, but simple observation tells you that the high cost batteries have more specs and their engine can propel more fast compared to some other cheaper batteries that goes for even $ 25. I am not specifying that you should not purchase a bike battery that is cheap because if that is your capability then you will need to get a battery to help you ride faster and reduce fatigue when riding.

The bike battery has numerous advantages as it enables lighting especially during the night. It will be comfortable and accident free to ride a bike fitted with a battery during the night with comfort. If your bike is fitted with reflectors there will be no hustle riding your bike as it will have conformed to the requirements needed for road safety during the night.

Below is an example of an electric bike battery. 

This is an example of adventure power 1996-2001 CCM electric bike battery. It is not expensive and goes even for $ 30 depending on where you are purchasing your bike from. It has great capacity and works efficiently. You can also purchase a bag to store your battery if you are fitting the battery at the pannier. The way you store your battery is the most important thing, consider storing your bike in a safe place.

It is important that you purchase the best battery and start riding fast.

Bicycle Hitch Rack Guide 2015 From Expert

This is the most popular type of bike rack with vehicles. It has multiple pros and also has some little cons. As the name suggests they are fitted on the vehicles which have a hitch. This means that the bike is usually transported when it is fitted externally.

Bike Hitch Rack

The hitch bike racks are designed to accommodate almost all types of bike which have different frames. Transporting your bike when you have fitted it at the tail of your car have numerous advantages, I have tried to explain the advantages of fitting your bike at the tail below.

Pros of using Hitch bike rack to haul your bike from place to place

  • Helps create space inside the vehicle – for example when you are transporting your bike from place to place using a car it could be hard to haul your bike while indoor and therefore needs an externally fitted rack.
  • Prevents your vehicle and bike from getting scrapped – these makes sure that your car remains neat and safe.
  • It is also secure to transport the bikes as they are firmly fitted at the hitch and nobody can tamper with your bike.

Cons of using Hitch bike rack to haul your bike from place to place

  • When a bike is fitted at the tail of a vehicle it blocks the driver from viewing the real view behind him or her and this can cause an accident very easily.
  • When a bike is fitted at the tail it blocks the licensing plate. The licensing plate in some states must be clearly visible when you are driving your vehicle. This is because of security reasons that some states have this policy.

The hitch bike racks are of at most importance especially when it comes to transporting your bike in a cozy way. The hitch bike racks can be fitted in SUVs, Cars, Toyota Nissans and many vehicle models available today in the world.

In case of an accident the bike can get scraped and lose its original look and feel. Transporting the bikes at hitch makes it possible to haul more than one bike at a time in case you are going for a bike riding trip with your family. Taking an example of a car, if you could decide to transport your bike from one destination to another while you have carried your bike inside the car you can transport only one bike. Take a case where you want to transport bikes for your son, fiancé and your bike and you own a small car. You will need to transport your bike using the hitch. This makes transportation easier and comfortable.

Fitting your bike at the hitch is convenient as the bikes are fitted firmly in such a way that the bikes cannot scuff each other at any time when they are being transported. The hauling of bikes using the hitch is just but a prevalent method of transporting your bike from one place to another in the recent past with security as a major feature that the bikes have been offered.

The ability to transport more than 2 bikes is just what makes hitch bike racks an amazing bike rack that no one should lack. The ease of installing the rack without much expertise being needed is just another method that has made the hitch bike racks common.

The hitch bike racks are not expensive when you visit for example amazon you will find that the bike racks range from $ 79 and above or even can get cheaper ones at other online stores. For example the Allen Sports Deluxe 4- Bike Hitch Mount Rack goes for about $ 75. The diagram below shows this type of bike rack.

Hitch bike rack for cars is designed in a way it can be folded so as to make it able to transport your bikes. This folding will assist in cases where your bike has different frames. It is important to get the best hitch bike rack for your vehicle and haul your bike safely and comfortably.

Purchase a hitch bike rack today.

Electric bikes Guide 2015

Once christened as bikes of the future, the electric bikes are set to hit as a big storm. The difference between the current ‘blood driven’ bikes are largely noticeable, ask one who has driven one. This bike doesn’t only move, it also pushes itself adding that extra effort to your peddling thus providing a much needed boost.

Electric bikes

This bike has an integrated electric motor to boost propulsion. These bikes maintain their ability to be pedaled thus don’t fall in the class as motorcycles these bikes use rechargeable batteries. These bikes have varied speeds from 20mph others doing an excess up to 40mph.

Since they cannot be classified as motorcycles these bikes aren’t subject to certification and riding laws placed on more powerful wheeled systems.

Electric bikes are classified with regard to control system and the amount of power their motor can deliver. The control system is the ‘how’ electric power is applied to the bike.

An electrical bike will fall into two categories based on the control system;

Bikes with power on demand motor

Have a throttle that activates the motor once power is needed. The throttle is manually operated usually by handgrip just like motorcycles. Sometimes these bikes have more motors than pedicels. These bikes have three Options

  • The bikes can either be ridden on human power only
  • The electric motor can work alone with manual operation of the throttle
  • Both rider and motor can work at the same time

Electric bikes with pedal assist only

These are commonly referred to as pedicels (pedal-electric-cycle). They have a control system that stops the motor from producing power once a given speed has been reached or the rider stops peddling most of the time the limit speed is 25mph.

These bikes provide assistance especially when the rider is struggling uphill or against the wind. Pedicels can assist elderly people who want to ride and exercise or move from one point to another.

There are pedicels not classified as bikes. They have a motor exceeding 250w and require less or no pedal assist. With these pedicels the motor has no limit-speed to stop. These types of pedicels are called schenell – pedilecs (spedelecs) and depending on the laws of each country they require registration, insurance and even licenses.

The copenhagen wheel

This is a wheel that when attached to any normal bike it transforms the bike into an electric bike. This is because the wheel has an inbuilt 350W motor (or an optional 250W motor) and a 48V lithium battery which stores electrical energy. Other features in the wheel include multiple sensors, connectivity to wireless and a built in control system. The wheel is paired with a smartphone application called the super pedestrian app. this wheel checks the topography and determines whether or not to supply power and how much to supply if needed.

Its smart control technology ensures a balance of the provision of power according to the needs. An increase in pedaling for example when going uphill, the wheel increases its power to compensate for the climb.

The Copenhagen wheel also has the regenerative braking system which captures and stores energy when going downhill or braking.

There are various bike designs that have moves away from the conventional bike design. There are folding e-bikes like the one below

Other designs include a “Chopper” styled e-bike. Although rare to find, this bike has been created as a fun design rather than a necessarily mobility bike.

With small operating costs associated with operating and maintaining an electric bike it makes electric bikes a choice for low weight goods transport over short distances.

When choosing a bike range is a key element you must look at. This is the distance that the electric battery can assist in peddling until its flat. The weight the bike can carry is also an important factor in determining how usable the bike is. You would want a bike that supports your weight without putting stress on the bike itself. A bikes baking system is also important. Most electric bicycle electric bikes will have a regenerative braking system. This is where the motor works together with the brake pads to stop the bike, since the motor acts fast before the brakes engage; there is an increased life of the brake pads and the rim.

Electric bicycle will apart from carry the riders also carry goods. Shopping from a nearby mall or stores is easier with an electric bicycle electric bicycle since they a luggage cart can be attached to the bike.

The most important component of the bike is the battery. When purchasing any electric bike we should check for the;

  • The voltage of the battery
  • Amp hours. This is the total charge capacity of the battery.
  • The weight of the battery. This affects the overall bike weight and the perfomance of the bike as more weight means more power will be needed
  • The ability to handle over voltage. Ask your dealer if the battery has inbuilt mechanisms to handle overcharge.

Due to increased speeds there are more accidents associated with electric bicycles as there are not yet any special lanes for electric bicycles anywhere in the world forcing electric bike users to use slower lanes normally preserved for normal bike users and pedestrians.

How Electric bikes can benefit our health

Even though doctors recommend a stationary bike to be used in the early stages of cardiac rehabilitation, E-bikes can be better used as part of the programs. This is because electric bikes require less cardiac exertion thus suitable for those with previous heart problems enjoy a ride out in the open.


The electric bike unlike most machines has zero emissions to the environment. This however is a subject of debate since there are factors like emissions during electricity generation and the pollution caused by the lithium battery disposal, but compacted to other forms of transport this is the closest we get to zero emission. With the capitalization of clean energy like solar power and other renewable energy sources, we will ultimately have a cleaner environment.

Bike helmets Guide

The cost of injury to a brain we have spent so much time growing and developing since childbirth can be devastating. Although riders are some of the most careful road users, a helmet is important to wear. Cyclers with helmets are less likely to get head and brain injuries.

Sharing of road space is a never ending hustle with intimidating vehicles, big trucks which constantly mill around you and pedestrians crossing the roads. Thus every rider should remain alert when using major roads.

Initially helmets were made with the sole purpose of protecting yourself in case of accidents. Now, there are more dents and colors and helmets are sleeker and aerodynamic. It’s important for a rider not to compensate the wearing of a helmet with the risks he is takes when riding. The helmet does provide a level of protection after the accident but only the rider should be responsible in making sure the event does not happen.

To get a good helmet always get one that fits. With a fitting helmet your head touches all around but is not tight. The helmet should have at least one inch or less allowance of movement. Rear stabilizers should only support the straps but not be the main holders of your head to the helmet.

Bright reflective colors are always best for visibility. Even during the night.

Useful of Helmets

For protection of your head, most helmets will use crushable polystyrene form to cushion accident blows. This helps in absorbing the impact to your head in case of a crash.

Strong and fitting straps are an essential part of your helmet. The straps should hold even under multiple impacts. Half the time, a rider will roll thus the helmet should keep with the head to avoid direct impact of the head on the road. You don’t know but the straps being in place can prevent you from excessive head injuries.

Coolness and ventilation should be critical. With more ventilated helmets hitting the market this is not a big problem. The purpose of a well-ventilated helmet it to ensure the heat dissipated from your body and the sweat from your head doesn’t make you want to remove the helmet at any one time during the ride. Although there’s high insistence of well-ventilated helmets, helmets with excessive vents are not recommended as the more the vents, the lesser form is in contact with your head.

A brow pad to control the sweat. This pad would be usually located on the front inner side of the helmet. They soak in your sweat to prevent it from getting into your eyes and blurring your vision. Sweat dripping from the forehead is also disruptive at times during a ride.

Avoid uncomfortable helmets with, sharp edges, thin straps and a rigid body that could break in case of an accident. Sharp edges will increase the movement of your neck in case you crash and roll. This could increase the risk of head injuries.

Always examine your helmet for dents

3 wheel electric bikes

They are popularly known as e-trikes and feature a front electric wheel or 2 electric back wheels models. They provide an easy ride for people with balance and mobility difficulties. With 3 wheel electric bikes elderly people have the convenience of moving around, getting groceries and visiting friends all these with little effort. These bikes are easy to ride as the motor provides the extra push to the rider.

When riding a 3-wheeled bike it’s kind-of-like sitting on a tripod thus very hard to tip off. There’s no minimum forward motion required to balance the bike. In case the rider wants to stop, he/she simply applies the brakes and the trike stops with no need to balance. That way mounting and dismounting from the e-trike can be done when the bike is stationary.

3 wheel electric bikes

Most electric tricycle feature a 250w motor couples with lithium-ion batteries which are expected to have a 2000 recharge life span or an average of 9 years, whichever comes first. These bikes are made for adults and will normally clock a cool 25mph.

Often the tricycle is coupled with a smart charger capable of recharging the battery in 4hrs to full charge.

Solar panels can be added to the tricycle as either a roof or behind the rider’s seat in some e-trikes. With the panels, the batteries will keep recharging as you use them and you may even squeeze a couple of miles more from the extra charge obtained.

A good example is the trike 24’ bike custom made to be an electric   bike. The model has an option to ride at 6mph by just pressing a button. Multiple options that keep the bike legal require the rider to have to pedal thus engage the electric assistance of the motor.

Once the rider stops pedaling, or touches the brake the motor automatically quits providing power to the wheels and the bike starts to slow.

Since 3 wheel electric bikes are wider they require more road space thus a brightly colored bike would be the best. This ensures good visibility of the bike from cars from behind. A pair of good reflector lights is a must for safer riding even at night.

The 3-wheel electric bike can be used to haul goods over short distances. They can be fitted with a large cargo racks behind the rider thus can carry heavier loads than normal electric bikes.  This is largely due to the low maintenance cost associated with these bikes.

Tip. When planning to use your e-trike to haul cargo, go for the high-torque, low-speed motor. That way you can carry heavy loads at the expense of speed.

Though largely stable the 3 wheel electric bikes have a tendency to tip over when turning thus have a limited speed as compared to other e-bikes. When riding its recommended to lower the seat height to increase stability. Lowering the seat increases the center of gravity thus making it difficult to tip under high speed.

Recumbent bikes which have a wider seat and a backrest are gaining popularity. Although there are a few recumbent e-bikes they are more comfortable as they provide a better seat area than the normal bike seat. With the recumbent seat, one is able to assume a comfortable leaning position when riding thus the rider can pool energy from the rest of the body and have longer more comfortable rides.

However there are problems that come with e-trikes

  1. The height of the trikes. This especially hits hard on recumbent e-trikes. Due to their low ride-height they present the problem of not being seen by other road users especially cars and high trucks. To remedy this, recumbent riders attach a fiberglass rod with a flag on top to the e-trike. That way, they are more visible
  2. Most 2-wheeled electric bikes are wider thus occupy more space on the roads and on sidewalks. This makes the e-trike dangerous to ride in certain places like traffic. Due to their size, they are also more difficult to store as they require more storage space.

 Some of the available 3 wheel bikes include 

  • The go hub sun e-trike. This bike is fitted with a roof to protect you from the sun while riding at 15mph. this bike has reverse control which is done by pushing a button on the handle bars. This is especially useful when parking the bike in tight spaces. This bike can carry 250 pounds.
  • Run about cycles. They let you experience comfort, stability and style all in a recumbent e-trike. This is achieved by its inclined and stable platform. The bike can do 40mph and come in either a one seater or two seater models
  • Boomer bents. These e-trikes have a 48v brushless motor that offers 750w of power.
  • Palmer electric joyrider. They are offered in two models; a high rider and a low rider. The bike has controlled back support for comfort. A presence of the reverse capability enables parking in tight spaces.
  • This is pronounced as go-me-air. It’s an electric 3 wheel bike made by ElectriK Motion. This bike features a 250w 24v motor. It has a front v brake and a rear coater brake with a free wheel. The bike also has a large cargo basket which is good for shopping.

You can convert your normal three wheel bike into an electrical one using numerous conversion kits. These include;

  • BMC bulb motor
  • E-bike Kit hub motors
  • Heizman
  • Bionx hub motor kit0

With e-trikes, have multiple advantages and uses and a couple of limitations. Decide what use you need the tri-cycle for and find the right one for you.

With e-trikes a rider can go twice the length using just half the strength